A closer look at employee-centered Benefits for remote teams

2020 will be remembered as a watershed year in the history of the workforce. The pandemic has forced companies around the world to adapt and embrace a remote and dispersed workforce. As a result, employee benefits are being offered differently, and companies are 

looking for ways to meet the needs of employees where they are and give them the flexibility they need. Offering employees different options is no longer just a slogan, but a necessity for HR leaders to maintain a healthy and motivated workforce. Since each employee has different needs based on their workplace, lifestyle, age, or marital status, the challenge is how to simultaneously meet their unique and differentiated needs.

At PERKSET, we have focused on providing personalized employee benefits for the past three years. We believe that every employee, regardless of where they work, should have access to the health and wellness programs that are important to them. To achieve this, we have developed a solution that is based on employee choice. Over the past three years, we have worked with many forward-thinking companies to develop employee-centered benefits for their diverse workforces.

We believe that today’s remote work environment is a catalyst that will accelerate the widespread adoption of employee-centered benefits.

If you’re considering implementing employee-centered benefits, here are a few things to look for:

– An intuitive interface: Employees need a tool that is easy to use and navigate to manage their benefits.

– Selected vendors with the best prices: By offering benefits that are relevant to employees, you increase the effectiveness of your benefits program. At PERKSET, we negotiate directly with suppliers so that companies don’t have to haggle with individual vendors and have access to a wider range of offers.

– Pre-programmed debit card: Employees want access to benefits wherever and whenever they need them. PERKSET debit cards are preloaded with each employee’s benefit accounts so they can automatically use them at eligible vendors on the go.

– Real-time customer service: Employees should get answers to their questions quickly, consistently, and without guesswork. We use real-time support via in-app chat.

– Implementing employee-centric benefits has several benefits for companies, including improving employee experience, increasing engagement, reducing administrative work, cutting costs, and ensuring equity for a global workforce. According to our data, 95% of respondents report that they are satisfied with their benefits through PERKSET. We see a direct correlation between a simple interface and employee engagement, with the majority of our clients reporting engagement rates of 75% or higher. HR teams have also seen a significant reduction in the number of employee queries – up to a quarter of what they saw before implementing PERKSET. Additionally, employees are able to save an average of 20% across all preferred vendors, leaving more money in their pockets.

We look forward to seeing how this market develops as we continue to further customize expense accounts in the future. With PERKSET, we aim to support employees wherever they are throughout their careers by making their benefits experience as personalized and flexible as possible.

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