Holiday stress management: Strategies to support employee well-being

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but for many people it can also be a source of stress. As an employer, it’s important to be aware of the impact holiday stress can have on your workforce and take steps to support your employees’ well-being during this period. In this article, we’ll look at some effective strategies for managing holiday stress and mitigating seasonal stress through a total rewards approach.

Why are employee benefits important to overcome holiday stress?

Employee benefits are an integral part of any reward strategy, and they can play an important role in combating holiday stress. Providing your employees with a comprehensive benefits package that includes both statutory benefits and unique employee perks can help reduce financial stress and provide additional support for those struggling with emotional stressors.

Top 10 employee benefits to help overcome holiday stress

Here are a few examples of employee benefits that can help alleviate holiday stress and support their well-being:

Flexible working hours

Mental health support services

Lifestyle spending accounts (LSA)

Wellness programs

Employee assistance programs (EAP)

Paid time off

Medical insurance

Child care assistance

Recognition and reward programs

Using a Total Rewards approach to support employee well-being

A total rewards approach involves providing employees with a comprehensive rewards package that goes beyond salary and includes all aspects of an employee’s compensation and benefits. Such an approach can help increase employee engagement and loyalty, as well as foster a positive workplace culture.

One effective way to implement an integrated approach to rewards is to use an employee benefits platform, such as Perkset, which allows employees to easily access and manage their benefits. This platform can also be used to provide personalized recommendations and resources for managing holiday stress.

Global employee benefits to help manage holiday stress

If your company has an international workforce, it’s important to consider the unique stressors employees may face during the holidays in different regions. Providing global employee benefits that are tailored to the needs of each region can help support their well-being and increase engagement.

Examples of global employee benefits that can help manage holiday stress include

language support services

cultural sensitivity training

time off for local holidays

regional wellness programs

Reward Mobile: how to make employee benefits available anywhere, anytime.

In today’s digital age, employees expect to have access to information about their benefits and resources on the go. Reward mobile apps, such as the Perkset app, can provide employees with instant access to information about their benefits and resources, as well as personalized recommendations for coping with holiday stress.

In conclusion, managing holiday stress is essential to promoting employee well-being and maintaining productivity in the workplace. By taking a total rewards approach and providing comprehensive employee benefits, you can mitigate seasonal stressors and create a positive workplace culture that will sustain your workforce year-round.

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