How to choose a spending account that’s right for your workforce

Selecting PERKSET: Employer-Sponsored Spending Accounts that Match Employee Needs

As companies work to create customized employee benefit strategies, one common question we receive from potential clients is, “What spending accounts do you see most often?” While there is no single solution that fits every workforce, we have observed a trend towards employers offering more flexible and personalized health and wellness benefits that align with employees’ unique lifestyles.

Here are four spending accounts that cater to individualized employee-directed benefits. We have also included why each account should be considered and the average allocation amount our customers assign for each account.


Program Design

Fitness and wellness mean different things to different people. Some employees may prefer yoga or meditation, while others might prefer weight lifting or cardio exercises. A holistic approach empowers employees to access resources that help improve their physical, mental, and financial wellness.


$50–$100 per employee per month.

Eligible expenses: gym memberships, fitness studios, digital health apps, wearable tech, and wellness coaching.

Family Support

Program Design

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience. It can be overwhelming and challenging, especially without support. This type of account aims to provide resources for new parents to help them navigate through this transition period.


$500-$1,000 per new parent as a one-time gift.

Eligible expenses: parental coaching, baby accessories, childcare services, and parental leave.


Program Design

Investing in employee education can have numerous benefits, including boosting morale, enhancing skills, and increasing retention rates. Supporting employees in their educational pursuits shows a commitment to their career development.


Up to $5,250 per employee per year.

Eligible expenses: tuition, books, and other related fees.


Program Design

Commutes to and from work can be costly and time-consuming, which can impact employee satisfaction and engagement. Offering transportation-related benefits can help alleviate these concerns and make commuting more affordable and convenient.


$260 per employee per month.

Eligible expenses: parking fees, transit passes, ride-sharing services, and bicycle commuting expenses.

In conclusion, selecting PERKSET for your employer-sponsored spending accounts can help cater to your employees’ individual needs and promote a positive company culture. By providing personalized benefits, you can increase employee satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity.

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